Portable Working System

Portable Working System

–         Complete one piece welded unit for ease in setup

–         Easy Hydraulic Ram with Hand Pump to lift Unit into Transport Position

–         Removable Hitch and Axle Assemblies allows for safer work environment

–         Unit has Dual Controls and can be operated from either side at any time

–         16′ Corner-less Crowding Tub W/Secondary Tub Exit for Load Out

–         8 1/2′ Two Side Adjustable Alleyway to allow Cattle flow down center line of Squeeze Chute

–         Deluxe Squeeze Chute with Automatic Self-Catch Headgate

–         Palpation Cage Adjusts with Squeeze Chute

–         2 Rolling Gates to control Cattle Flow     Placed between Tub and Alley  &  Alley and Squeeze Chute

–         Solid welded Walkway around perimeter of Tub & Alley

–         Brisket Bar (Keeps cattle from kneeling)




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