Portable Side By Side Alley System

Portable Side By Side Alley System

–         One piece welded unit for ease in setup

–         Composed of 19ft of Side By Side Alley then 4ft merge into another 19ft of Single Alley

–         Alley Adjustment by one step slide adjuster easily operated by one person

–         Alley walls are kept low to reduce stress on stock and also provide excellent workabilty

–         Cattle are contained by 3 adjustable NO-BACK stops per 19′ of Alley

–         NO-BACKS are adjusted by heavy duty sidewind jacks or optional hydraulic cylinders (operated by hydraulic chutes power pack)

–         System also includes hand pump hydraulic ram or optional hydraulic cylinders to lift unit into transport position

–         System is also available as a Stationary Unit

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